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Order for Milford Farmers Market or Christmas

Running late on Saturday and want to make sure that your favorite Swedish Baked Goods are still on the table at Milford Farmers Market? Send us an email and we'll make sure that your order is held. Christmas orders should be ordered by Dec 17th. Limited to *

Please add your contact info and send so we can confirm your order. 

*Cardamom Coffee Bread

1  Loaf        $5

*Limpa (Swedish Rye Bread)

1  Loaf        $7

Pepparkakor (Spice Cookies) 

1  Dozen     $3  

*Bullar (Dinner Rolls)

1/2 doz     $5  

Cinnamon Rolls

1/2 doz     $5  

Sockerkaka (Small Sponge Cake)

1 pkg 4     $3  

Skorpa (Toasted Biscuit)

1 pkg       $3

Pepparkaka (Small Ginger Cake)

1 pkg 4    $4